About 118-Online

Welcome to 118 Online, one of the UK’s biggest online business directories! Our aim is to provide our visitors with the best possible results for whatever they are looking to find.

From Builders and Day Nurseries to Dentists and Accountants we have thousands of business across the whole of the UK listed within our directory. All of the listings that are submitted to our directory are checked individually by our Customer Journey team based in the North East of England and if they think that the listing is fake, inappropriate or unwarranted, it won’t go live. This is to ensure that our visitors are getting the best of the best.

Let us tell you a bit about our background

We have 4 intelligent Online Business Directories that are all connected and talk to each via their state of the art servers and databases… Let us take the nerd within out of that sentence and tell you in a different way; our directory websites all link to each other to ensure that they are always up to date with the correct information, images and videos.

118 Online is the love child of its parent directories The Trade Finder and The Business Internet Finder. It has 1 sibling, Business Pages, together they make up part of the Unitel Direct family of companies.

118 Online gives you so much more than just a name, address and telephone number. Many of the businesses we list include useful additional information like facilities, opening times, payment methods, maps, directions, website links, photos and videos.

We’ve done this a while now, so we know the importance of keeping our directories up to date, we send regular correspondence to our clients reminding them that their customers are the biggest part of their business and that they are looking for more information!

Benefits of being listed on 118 Online

Having your business listed on this directory is free! But that’s not where the awesomeness stops! Because of the smart technology used in our directories, you’ll also receive a free listing on all 3 of our other directories including, The Trade Finder, Business Internet Finder and Business Pages.

Here is a list of the benefits of being listed on our directories:

  • 4 quality backlinks to your website helping build your internet authority and page rank.
  • A html description for deep linking and promoting your business and its services.
  • A quality showcase for your products and services.
  • A thumbnail and shop window image of your site.
  • A Google map thumbnail.
  • With a paid listing you get a featured listing highlighting your business in directory searches.
  • With a paid listing, access to a facility enabling you to post articles about your business.
  • A business directory listing at a keen price or FREE with a reciprocal link.
  • An Image upload facility. (Paid Listing)
  • An increased chance of drawing more visitors and appearing in keyword searches.

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Unitel Direct group of Companies!

The directories that you know and love today didn’t sprout from know where, they are the result of many years of solid hard work from our staff across the years. 118 Online and its directory relatives are all part of the Unitel Direct group of companies.

So where did it all begin?

It started in the UK in a town called Middlesbrough, one man with a big dream started a company named Unitel Direct, little did he know that this brand would grow to be known as one of the biggest brands in the UK for internet advertising!

As his company grew, the teams grew with it, employing more and more helpful customer services agents, talented back office personnel and ambitious driven managers helped shape the business into what it is today.

As the teams grew, he wanted to ensure that his customers experience wasn’t hindered by the varied people they had the chance to speak to, so what did he do? He designed and implemented a system that ensured that customers didn’t wait more than 60 seconds for their call to be answered by someone who had dealt with the account before.

Unitel Direct went through the roof! As a result, sister companies where created and secured under the Unitel Direct Group of companies. Each business had the same ambition and drive as the other and at the head of every scenario was how things would impact the customer.

He came to learn that he was pretty good at this marketing stuff and it was this realisation that lead to the glorious birth of our 4 directories.